Piano teacher



Janna Carlson became obsessed with the piano shortly before her 9th birthday, so her parents gave her a 100-year old, upright player piano. They signed her up for piano lessons, which they paid for with $5 in cash every week. 

Now, with more than twenty years of piano teaching experience, Janna works with seventy young musicians each week. Janna’s constant focus is helping her students to become strong, creative musicians who love playing the piano and sharing their music with others. 

When she's not teaching, Janna's favorite place to be is her kitchen, cooking to the sound of old vinyl records. She's particularly fond of New Orleans jazz, her three cats (Ethel, Ginger, and Fred), and her husband, Jeremy.

Janna is proud of the welcoming, supportive community that Hello Piano Studio has become to so many families in Chapel Hill. 





Photo credit this page: Megapixie Photography