kids piano class

Piano Stars

ages 4 - 6



Piano Stars is a weekly class that guides children in exploring their creativity and becoming confident at the piano. 

Classes are full of short, engaging activities that enable each child to learn to play the piano at a comfortable and rewarding pace. Your child will have the opportunity to improvise their own music, explore the piano, and begin to play familiar and engaging tunes - all while building a strong musical foundation. 

You, as the parent, play a key role in your child's introduction to the piano. You attend classes with your child and are their practice partner at home. Piano lessons and practice strengthen the bond you have with your child, allowing focused, one-on-one time together on a daily basis.

Piano Stars classes are 30" long. Each session meets for a semester. Prior to enrolling, we will arrange a time to meet at the studio to assess your child's readiness for piano lessons.

To inquire about remaining open spots in the 2018-2019 session of Piano Stars, click the "Tell Me More" button below.