Hello Piano Studio
Hello Piano Studio
Become a confident, creative musician.

 Hello piano studio

Where you become a confident, creative musician.


Learn to play the piano with friends.

At Hello Piano Studio, you learn to play music in a small group setting. You will quickly become friends with your fellow musicians as you play, laugh, create beautiful music, and make mistakes together.

At home, you will find yourself motivated to practice because you are playing with a team each week. You will love playing on your own - and then joining your teammates to play what you’ve practiced as part of a big, exciting sound.

Your music will come alive in new ways as you play with your own “piano band.”

Families support each other and kids race through the studio door each week to see what they’ll play next. Adults look forward to their weekly group lessons as “me” time with their fellow musicians.

Whether you’re an adult trying out piano for the first time or a 6th grader with years of experience, you will find a warm community of musicians who are excited to play the piano with you.



Group piano lessons

Why group piano lessons?

Playing with a group gives you:

Self-confidence // Creativity

Critical Thinking // Persistence

Self-expression // Community



Want to give your child confidence through music?

Want to explore your own creativity at the piano?