teen group playing piano



What do I - or my child - need to begin lessons? A piano! An acoustic piano is ideal, but a good electric keyboard is also fine. I’m happy to help you figure out the best options for your family.

How long are lessons, and how often do they take place? Lessons are 40 minutes long, or 30 minutes for Piano Stars. Lessons generally take place weekly during the school year.

Where is the studio located? Hello Piano Studio is located in south Chapel Hill, two minutes from Southern Village. It’s about seven minutes from Carrboro and five minutes from Chatham County.

Is my child old enough to begin lessons? Hello Piano Studio offers programs for ages 4 through high school. Piano Stars introduces 4 - 5 year olds to the piano, and year-long group piano lessons are for kids in 1st grade and older.

How often will my child need to practice their instrument? Each student (and their parent!) commits to practicing five days a week. Practice takes ten minutes or less for beginning students, and gradually increases with experience.

What’s my role as a parent? You are your child’s primary cheerleader. Parents attend lessons (until the student is in middle school, when your attendance is optional) and practice with the student (through third grade).