Adult Piano


Were you forced to take piano lessons as a child? Do you wish you'd stuck with it?

Do you wish you HAD been given piano lessons as a child?

The most common thing I hear adults say about piano lessons is:

"I wish I'd kept taking lessons when I was a kid."

Followed closely by:

"I wish I could play the piano [...sigh]."

As an adult, you will learn to play the piano quickly - and will love the music that you play. You will find tremendous satisfaction in playing for your own enjoyment.

As an adult, you play piano for you.

You will love learning to play the piano in a group; it ensures that the spotlight is never on you. It also allows you to experience the excitement of being part of a larger, more complex sound.

Adult Piano Group Classes:

Beginning Piano: Thursdays at 7:15pm, begins January 10, 2019

Return to Piano: Mondays at 7:15pm, begins January 7, 2019

Classes are limited to 5 students each. Enrollment opens Friday, November 16th.