Adult Piano


Did you take piano lessons as a child? Do you wish you'd stuck with it?

Do you wish you HAD been given piano lessons as a child?

As an adult, you will learn to play the piano quickly - and will love the music that you play. You will find tremendous satisfaction in playing for your own enjoyment.

As an adult, you play piano for you.

You will love learning to play the piano in a group; it ensures that the spotlight is never on you. It also allows you to experience being part of a larger, exciting sound.

In adult classes, we laugh, make mistakes, improvise our own music, learn to read music (or learn to read more confidently), and play increasingly complex patterns with both hands.

If you have to miss a class, you’ll receive plenty of notes from the lesson so that you can easily keep up with the rest of your class.

Enrollment for adult classes at Hello Piano Studio Spokane will open in July.